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The fact that the Robot Investments Forum organized for the second time in 2016 was more comprehensive than the previous one makes one happy for the future of the process of transition to robot production in our country. The fact that Thk products were used in critical movement axes of the robots displayed by many exhibitors and the use of Thk by the integrator companies in Turkey clearly demonstrate our position in this industry. Thk took part in this exhibition for the first time with R-7 humanoid robot and demonstrated its leading position also in this area which will make more impact in the future in addition to industrial robots. We think the most important part that separates the forum from other organizations is the presentations made by the exhibitors. These presentations allow the visitors to obtain information regarding specific applications rather than getting to know the companies and make the forum a specialized exhibition. In future organizations

I mention the Robot Investments Forum to people as a boutique exhibition. I'd like to thank you on behalf of Troax Security Systems for bringing us together with our target customers with this exhibition. We had a great exhibition thanks to the diligent work of your team. I'll share our company feedback with you within 6 months as well. Thank you for your attention and support.

The forum was generally successful. The main reasons for being qualified as successful are the fact that the visiting persons are related to the subject and that it is business oriented instead of being show oriented. The attendance of people who are knowledgeable in the industry was the fundamental reason why our PLC robot control demo (MOTOLOGIX) created the anticipated impact. Location is the major area where there is room for improvement. Most of the visitors and exhibitors attended from the Anatolian side and complained because the event wasn't held in the Anatolian side. The second issue is reduction of presentations and not having them intersect. We'd like thank a lot to all who spent efforts for this event.

Robot Investments Forum and Exhibition has been an organization that focused on the robot industry in Turkey. Thanks to the forum, system integrator companies, machine producers, end users, solution providers, etc. had the chance to obtain information with regard to robot solutions and the demands and opportunities in the market. We also had the chance to meet new potential customers. The exhibition area was adequate and the visitors were able to visit all the stands thanks to the compact exhibition approach. It can be considered a successful organization despite some issues such as ventilation.

We took part in the event as a company that provides robot software solutions with a focus on offline programming and simulation. Our target customers are production companies that have a major need for complex 3D operations that require offline 3D software on matters such as painting, cylinder hemming, lubricating and arc welding. We are also targeting system integrators. In fact, they also need the tools we mentioned at the point of providing automation concepts to the end user. We were quite happy with both the quantity and quality of the visitors. The entire event matched our solutions and technologies perfectly. We also appreciated the entire organization including its good infrastructure since it was close to hotels, the airport and the highway. Even at this point we are looking forward to take part in the next year's event.

First of all, we'd like to mention that we are happy to contribute to this organization as Euchner Turkey. We liked the visitor profile. Our opinion as Euchner Turkey is that this event should definitely be held for a second time. Improvements must surely be made. Seminar and presentation organizations are the first ones where there is room for improvement. The fact that many presentations and seminars took place simultaneously during this first organization caused the interest of visitors to be distracted. Secondly, the area needs to be larger.

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